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Hypersonic Jet: Beijing to New York in 2 hours is now a possibility

A hypersonic plane design has been revealed by Chinese researchers that can take passengers and cargo from Beijing to New York in just two hours. Yes, which means it will be one-seventh of the time that presently it takes to travel from Beijing to NewYork on a plane.

Cui Kai researcher said in a paper by Science China press in Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy journal in February, “It will take only a couple hours to travel from Beijing to New York at hypersonic speed.”

The plan by the researchers is to make the plane reach speeds of almost 6,000 km per hour. Currently, a normal jet takes 14 hours to make the trip from Beijing to New York as the distance between the two is around 11,000 km.

The hypersonic plane will be developed by a team that is also designing hypersonic weapons of China.

The concept of this plane includes a biplane design. In it, two sets of wings are arranged on top of one another. After the introduction of jet aircraft in 1930, this model became almost extinct.

As per the researchers, the advantage of the dual-wing design is that it minimizes turbulence and drag while adding uplift capacity at higher speeds.

Now we come to the price of offering high speeds. The lift capacity of the plane will be very low in comparison to the presently available aircraft like Boeing 737.

Similarly another news came in October 2016 of a firm that has successfully tested the flight of its prototype supersonic jet which can travel much faster so it can take you from London to New York in just three hours, the jet can travel as fast as 1227.63 miles per hour, the new prototype dubbed “Son of Concorde” the S-512 has the seating capacity of 22 passengers and a cruise speed of Mach 1.6.

Another news recently came of the Boom Supersonic that would enable the advantage of faster transportation from Dubai to London in just the span of four and a half hours.

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