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iFixit investigates Apple’s MacBook keyboard models


Clients have complained that the butterfly switch console that accompanies more current MacBook and MacBook Pro models is excessively delicate, making it impossible to pieces and residue, with hard to-repair keys getting to be “sticky” additional time.

In any case, when iFixit investigated Apple’s freshest MacBook Pro, it found silicone obstructions around the console switches – another addition that a MacBook Pro-administration document states is to “prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism.” Now, iFixit has put those boundaries under a magnifying glass with a specific end goal to perceive how viable they truly are at shielding particles from harming the console.

To test the silicone obstructions, iFixit exposed the 2018 MacBook Pro console to a fine, powdered paint added substance and the group watched that the residue stayed at the edges of the film and far from the switch. In any case, including more particulate and tossing in some “aggressive typing” made the residue infiltrate underneath the clasps and get to the switch.

Making it a stride further, iFixit added some sand to the consoles and found that doing as such caused keys to quit working. So it would seem that the obstructions complete a better than average employment ensuring against dust, in any event for the time being, yet bigger particles may at present be an issue.

Macintosh has confronted claims over its butterfly switch consoles and a month ago, it at long last recognized the issue by propelling a repair program for certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models. It’s great to see that the organization is attempting to settle the issue in more up to date models, yet as iFixit notes, the truth will surface eventually to what extent these silicone layers hold up.

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