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IG Police Wanted His Son Hired Through Reference- A Post By Careem Managing Director

The days of having a reference to acquire a job are not gone. We still have millions of people around us who want to get jobs through shortcuts. What’s different now is that we do have social media platforms where people can raise voice against such injustice.  

Recently Careem Managing Director Junaid Iqbal made a post on facebook where he talked about how an inspector general (IG) of police wanted him to hire his son for a job position. The IG wanted Careem Managing Director to put his son’s job application at the top of  the file.


The irony in this situation is that the son was already qualified for the job. He didn’t need the reference but this system has somehow become the part of our society. Junaid Iqbal told IG police that such statements by the father can just minimize the chances of his son to get hired for the position. To this IG replied that maybe you are working for the first time in Pakistan. The Managing Diector explained the hiring procedure, providing the email address to the IG to which he listened patiently. What happened after this was more shocking, as the son did email to Junaid Iqbal which kept referring to him being the son of IG police. It was also signed as


The applicant had headed BD for two eCommerce companies in Pakistan. Careem needed an employee of these qualifications. This means that he would have been hired anyway. So was all this drama necessary?

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Why don’t we trust our own talent and qualifications? Why do we need to hide behind the system to make a name in the society? We, the youth of Pakistan can bring change in the old system of references and bribe. We can get recognized without our father’s or relatives high post and position’s support. So lets have faith in our own abilities for once. 

Image via: IGN Pakistan