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Launch Of First Store Of Apple In South East Asia

In South East Asia Apple has opened its first store. The country in which Apple has set foot is Singapore. On Saturday the store was opened and hundreds of people were drawn towards the posh two-storey building. It is situated in the expensive shopping area of the city.

Being located on the well-off Orchard Road, the Apple shop is still easily distinguishable. Its uniqueness is in the iconic glass façade. As per a US tech giant this store would become the most famous Apple store worldwide.

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While the launch of the store was going on numerous shoppers lined out to see it while as soon as the doors opened, the store was flooded by public.

Apple has seen development and constant growth since its arrival 40 years ago. Majority of its profit is through iPhone sales which does undergo tough competition. The company has an outstanding cash stock pile of $256.8 billion

Globally Apple has 500 stores. In Asia apart from Singapore the Apple stores are in Hong Kong, China and Japan. More than million visitors daily visit Apple stores.


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