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Instagram Allow Users to “Remix” Friends’ Photos with Doodles and Custom Messages

For encouraging users to privately message each other on Instagram, the company announced a new feature called “remixing”. The feature allows editing a friend’s photo sent to an individual on Instagram through the direct message with the usage of doodle art, custom messages, and stickers, and once the editing is done sending the edited image back inside another photo of oneself.

This way one could make it appear that one’s friend’s selfie is part of one’s own staged image, giving opportunities to friends to edit the picture in any way they feel like doing so making one appear ridiculous or compromised as possible. The option to allow how many times one wants the photo to get viewed by friends is also provided. The option could be set at “one view” or “allow replay” when sending.

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Instagram reports that the update is active and available now.

All the written stuff sounds confusing and may even lead to boredom as it is incomprehensible but visually one can see what the application makers have tried and successfully offered.

One can have a friendly playful chaos with this feature when applied creatively and innovatively. It would be fun to see how friends might use this feature to ridicule and make fun in a friendly way among each other in their private Instagram chats.

Still, there are chances that people might use this feature to attack other’s self-esteem or to launch personal attacks hurting them psychologically.

Every feature that is launched has two sides and outcomes, if used well could prove fun and beneficial for the users but if used for malicious intents then the introduced innocent feature could cause serious destruction which may not be apparent but has multiple underneath effects.

Let’s hope that may the introduced feature be kept for fun purposes as must have been the intention of the app makers.

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