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Instagram Disables All iPhone Hashtags On The Platform

People love to use iPhone hashtags for various reasons but the frequent use of iPhone hashtags by the people selling devices considered spam.

The popular social media platform Instagram has recently disabled all the hashtags associated with iPhone, e.g. iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, etc. including the hashtags Apple iPhone and more.

There is no clear reason or statement by Instagram whey the company has disabled all the hashtags but one obvious reason seems controlling spam especially during the period of Christmas when sellers are specifically targeting the people to purchase gifts like iPhone.

The development was spotted by ‘BenGeskin’ on Twitter where people have also argued that the company has disabled hashtags to crackdown the fake iPhone giveaways.

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It has also been reported that people are selling fake iPhones on the platform using the real iPhone names and hashtags. Some people argued that Facebook policy to go against Apple being so popular on its platform could be another reason for blocking.

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