Instagram is experimenting with enhanced story-sharing options for influencers

According to some recent pieces of information, new updates are on their way for Instagram. Reportedly, the new feature will enable users to share their Stories with a selected group of users. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri claims that the social media platform is testing a feature that would let users share their Stories with different audience groups.

Currently, users have the ‘Close Friends’ option for story sharing on Instagram. This option can be used to add different friends to a list and share Stories. This feature is specifically helpful with public profiles that add a privacy layer to a user’s social network. Well, there are times when a user wishes to extend its reach beyond the list of close friends. It is when the multiple audience lists can fulfill their requirements.

You can start a new group, add a lot of individuals, and share the Stories with them if your immediate circle of friends doesn’t suit the description of what you want to share. More importantly, by giving social media influencers more options for sharing and precise audience targeting, this option would be very helpful to them.

The new feature is currently in progress

Mosseri continued, “This gives you more control over who can see your stories and allows you to share stories with smaller groups.” According to Instagram’s screenshots, you may set up a separate group for your siblings, for those who enjoy cuisine and have different traits, and post Stories based on their preferences. One thing to notice here is that the multiple audience lists feature is currently under testing. There is no official word about its release.

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