Look how awesome Instagram Live has become

Instagram Live

The new Instagram Live update brings you the combination of Snapchat and Periscope. Instagram has been experimenting with a lot of features, lately. This new update takes video streaming and private messaging to a whole new dimension. The app is now rolling out two new features on Instagram stories. They will be available to iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. Instagram live gives users the opportunity to broadcast in real-time which other users can only watch if the stream is live. There are no replays-like periscope does with its broadcast features. Facebook live broadcast however, lets you watch the video later on as well. Instagram broadcasts will allow users to browse through the best Instagram live videos through an algorithm. The algorithm will curate the live broadcasts and bring them to you in real time.

Facebook live feature is now available on desktop

The other feature is able to share some Instagram stories with only your close friends, which is very similar to how Snapchat works. The video will be available twice to other users before it disappears. The new self destruct live feature is hoping to attract more followers since it follows the same recipe of Snapchat.

Instagram Live gives users full control over their audience

Instagram is trying to attract the audience left by Meerkat, which is now defunct. Periscope videos in the start had 24 hour expiration date but then it updated to replays which sort of took the fun out of random videos where you do not have to look your best. Facebook Live broadcasts can also be replayed again so there is social pressure to look good. Instagram live makes things fun and urgent at the same time. As soon as streaming stops the video disappears which means that people won’t have to wait for big flashy events to update their stream. It means less social pressure to appear cool and more fun. It also gives rise to the urgency to watch the stream as it goes up, because once it stops there will be no trace of it.

In order to go live users have to swipe to the Instagram stories camera. When you’re live the there will be a live tag on the Instagram story bubble that would appear at the top of the feed to your followers. People viewing can comment and send hearts with their faces on it to live broadcasts. Broadcasters can add comments too and block or report anyone that harasses them. Curations through algorithms will act like the discovery feature that is on Snapchat making no moment dull while browsing through Instagram live.

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Instagram is competing head-on with Snapchat and Periscope

Instagram Direct new update allows snaps to disappear after you view it twice. Working on the principle of Snapchat, users can share a photo or a video with some friends or a selected group. If more than one friends chip in on the camera conversations then the threat becomes a collaborative story board through which users can tap through. Both features give creators a control over their audience, which no other app in the social media sphere does so far.

The two features will be available to everyone in the coming week and the audience response seems positive than ever.

Snapchat spectacles are taking over

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