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Samsung has launched themed icon for its Galaxy store

Samsung entered February with its latest launches, the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. With these new launches, we can see the older phones from Samsung getting advanced updates and features. Along with certifications for Google’s ARCore development kit, Samsung hopes to improve user experience. Samsung is launching a minor yet interesting update. Samsung users are able to customize a themed icon for the Samsung Galaxy App Store.

Last year, Samsung began its approach towards dynamic materials such as customized icons for default system apps. Galaxy Store is the latest application to pursue this trend. People using the version of the application can get access to this latest feature of the Galaxy App. This feature provides multiple variations for an icon, such as a white shopping bag icon with a pink background, or the background color could vary according to your phone’s wallpaper.

You can update your Galaxy App Store to get access to this latest feature, which will come along with the latest icon choices. Also, some changes regarding the system’s manual date were reported by users. As users of the Galaxy S10 lite, we can’t experience these changes and Galaxy Store updates. This delay is due to the slow process of rolling out the feature.

It’s been two years since Google introduced material design as part of its design language. This feature offers a perfect experience of the original material designs as well as a greater emphasis on the personalization feature. Although Samsung is a bit late to enter this line, it will surely add some pleasing nuances to our boring screens. This latest feature is quite similar to that of Google’s, which is only limited to Pixel phones for now.

As the company was constantly updating Android 13, we cannot blame it for joining the line of dynamic features a bit late. Samsung is aiming to provide some better updates for Android 14 earlier than before. We can only hope that these icons will be part of these updates.