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Instagram now allows you to post Text-only stories

Instagram has something new for its users, as the company has decided to allow people to post text-only stories. The newly launched feature called Type Mode. This update allows Instagram users to add stylized text to the stories, and it doesn’t pressurize to add photo or video.

This feature will appear the screen’s bottom next to the “Normal” mode. This mode allows you to add text to your stories choose any font, highlights, background color.

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It also allows you to add the text styles to your image or video-based stories but it is not necessary. In short, you can add text styles as an overlay in existing modes, but the Type Mode is just for the purpose if you want to share text story only.

The new mode is only available in the Instagram’s version 30 for both iOS and Android devices. Click here to download the latest version of the Instagram for Android devices, to get the app for iOS, click here.