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Intel Boss Warns Of Chip Crisis Getting Severe In Future

10-nanometer chips

The world has been in a serious chip crisis and component crisis for weeks and months and this affects almost all branches of industry that have to do with electronics. Because chips are harder to come by than ever and the Intel boss warns: It will go on for a long time.

Intel released its latest financial results earlier this week and Pat Gelsinger, the company’s CEO, didn’t have good news on the number 1 topic in the industry. Because the current chip crisis is not expected to ease. In an interview with CNBC, Gelsinger said, “We are in the worst stages now, next year it will be better quarter by quarter, but the balance between supply and demand will not be reached until 2023.”

This means that we will have to adapt to shortages and high prices for months and maybe even years. And that not only applies to CPUs and graphics cards, but also to all products that contain chips, i.e. cars, smartphones, televisions, etc.

Difficult way ahead

Also at the All Markets Summit: The Path Forward from Yahoo Finance, the Intel boss said that the industry and also consumers have to be prepared for relatively hard months, even if politicians try to counteract this with short-term legislation. “We believe that we still have a hard way ahead of us,” says Gelsinger, repeating his assessment that the situation will not improve significantly until 2023: “It just takes so long to build up capacities.”

AMD boss Lisa Su is a little more optimistic: She recently said at the Code Conference that the delivery situation will “probably remain tight” in the near future, but that the situation will relax noticeably as early as 2022. “It will be better next year, not immediately, but gradually as more factories are built,” said Su.