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Microsoft Pushing Hard To Replace Apple As The Most Valuable Company


At the forefront of the technology industry, the race between the two old giants is still in full swing: yesterday Microsoft was on the verge of replacing its competitor Apple as the most valuable company in the world.

After the presentation of the quarterly balance sheets, in which the Redmond-based software company delivered an all-around convincing picture, Microsoft’s share price continued to rise by 4.2 percent and at least temporarily reached a new record of 323.17 dollars per share. As a result, the company’s market capitalization swelled to $2.426 trillion.

Computer giant Apple, which has been at the top for a long time, was worth $2.461 trillion at the time. In the meantime, the gap has widened again, as the rash at Microsoft has normalized a little. However, the two companies are now in a rather lonely race for a place in the sun.

Penetrated the world

For a while, it looked like Alphabet/Google and Amazon could keep up with the two tech classics. In the meantime, however, these have run out of breath. Alphabet is currently valued at $1.86 trillion. Amazon was at times closest to Apple and Microsoft but is now in fourth place with $1.71 trillion.

This gigantic swell in market capitalization is by no means simply a speculative bubble – the values ​​have migrated into this area for too long and are too stable. This is due in large part to the fact that the technology corporations achieved something that no company from any other industry has achieved in this form: They really permeate the everyday lives of users worldwide and provide the most important platforms for the digital age, the importance of which is becoming apparent clearly showed again in the wake of the pandemic.