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Intel Core i9 With 12 Processors Worth Buying?

Intel, the multinational technology based corporation is set to release 12-core desktop processor as per the rumors. This would be a part of Core i9 release. This is leaked news but the question is why would Intel release 12 cores on a desktop? Would it be worth it and will people really spend their money on it?

Base clock(GHz)
Boost clock(GHz)
L3 cache (MB)8.251113.7516.5
TDP (watts)140140160160


The 12-core Core i9-7920X would have 24 threads and L3 cache of 16.5MB. This looks like a challenge to AMD’s newly-released Ryzen chips but still the 12-core processor does not fully makes sense. Do we really require 12-core processors? More cores can mean better performance in certain situations but not always. It should be reasonable whether a consumer is just wasting money on silicon or is it worth it.

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The rumor is that this new release by Intel won’t be just about having high speed and more cores. It is expected that this new release would have more for the users. Higher end i9s have 44 PCIe lanes which bring more flexibility in the systems. The M.2 slots are more which enable better performance memory. From 16 lanes in Intel i7-7700K to 44 lanes this is a massive increase. True those lanes that are so many more would benefit users but they would have to spend a lot as well for it.

TDP as we see in the table is the degree of heat produced by the chip that the cooling system would have to tackle. TDP that is heard to be produced by Intel i9 is a lot.

The prices of Intel PC’s are extremely expensive, that is why people prefer AMD that offer silicon at a moderate price.

So all in all will users get attracted to 12-core processor i9 or will they think twice about it, has to be seen.