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Intel Core i9 12900k Benchmark Score Revealed

According to a leaked benchmark result, the new Intel Alder Lake-S generation could only bring small performance jumps with it. The Core i9-12900K could only do a little better than its predecessor. However, the meaningfulness of the test is limited.

As Videocardz writes, the Intel Core i9-12900K appeared in the database of the benchmark provider Puget Systems. A total of three entries can be assigned to the upcoming Alder Lake flagship. The performance of the CPU was tested with the benchmark integrated into After Effects. Since the test is not tailored to the processor and only indicates the computing power in the animation software, the meaningfulness of the values ​​is limited. Other programs are likely to produce different results.

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In the three runs, the Alder Lake S-CPU was able to achieve 1541, 1573, and 1575 points. The i9-12900K does only a little better than the i9-11900K in the test. With a comparable setup, the predecessor was able to achieve 1548 points. The render score of the Alder Lake S model is about eleven percent higher than the value of the old CPU.

In the benchmark, the CPU had an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 and 64 gigabytes of RAM with 4800 MHz. The hardware was housed on an Asus ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi motherboard.

The flagship processor should appear in November

The Core i9-12900K should have eight performance and eight efficiency cores and a clock rate of up to 5 GHz. Up to 5.3 GHz are achieved in the 1-2 Core Boost. The smaller E cores only manage 3.7 GHz or 3.9 GHz in a 1-2 core boost. The processor should appear in November and require the new LGA1700 socket.

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