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Intel “Raptor Lake” CPUs: 6 GHz standard clock, 8 GHz via overclocking

As part of its Technology Tour 2022 in Israel, Intel made full-bodied promises about the performance of its upcoming “Raptor Lake” processors for desktop PCs. With standard settings, a maximum clock of six gigahertz should be achieved.

With extreme overclocking, the 8 gigahertz mark is said to fall. As Tom’s hardware reported on the event in Israel, Intel once again gave an outlook on the “Raptor Lake” CPUs expected in the further course of the year. The top model or models in the new series should at most reach a clock rate of up to six gigahertz with the factory default settings, it said, among other things.

Intel ‘Raptor Lake’: 6 GHz standard clock and 8 GHz with overclocking (Image: Tom’s Hardware)
This would surpass the competitor AMD in terms of clock speed by 300 megahertz, after all, AMD had only recently stated that the Ryzen 7000 series would reach a maximum of 5.7 gigahertz.

But it is questionable whether Intel only wants to allow such a high clock rate for a “KS” chip – a kind of special model. It is also unclear whether the 6 GHz processor is one of the first models in the new series and should therefore be available early.

Overclocking world record breaks 8 GHz barrier

Intel also claims to have set a new world record for overclocking with the new high-end chip in its laboratories in Israel. In conjunction with liquid nitrogen (better known as dry ice), the top processor is said to have cleared the eight gigahertz hurdle for the first time.

It is unclear whether this is limited to 10-nanometer CPUs or applies in general. The US chip giant also promises that the new “Raptor Lake” CPUs will offer a performance increase of 15 percent in the single and even 41 percent in the multi-thread benchmark with SPECintrate_2017. In addition, a “performance scaling” of 40 percent is to be expected, the company continues.

Intel will probably provide more detailed information about the “Raptor Lake” CPUs in the near future, after all, their market launch is imminent. Among other things, it remains to be seen what the pricing will look like and what the power consumption of the new chips will be.

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