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Intel Releases Windows 10 Graphics Driver Beta Update

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Intel has now released a new pre-release version of its graphics driver for Windows 10. The new version number is, the update brings a number of improvements, but also contains known problems.

Intel has released an extensive beta update of the graphics driver for all Windows 10 versions that are currently still supported. The update is available for all Windows 10 versions from 1709 and newer and can be obtained immediately. The new Windows 10 DCH drivers have version number Intel Core processors from the eleventh to the sixth generation are supported. Intel is also launching a revised user interface for the DCH version in the beta phase. In the update release notes, these changes are also explicitly announced as “new installer UI with improved look and feel”.

Changes to Intel graphics driver beta

  • Fixed intermittent crashes or hangs in Shadowman Remastered (Vulkan), Dark Souls III, Gangstar New Orleans.
  • Minor graphic anomalies in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (DX12), Dirt 5 (DX12), Watch Dogs: Legion (DX12), Control (DX12), 3DMark: FireStrike have been fixed.
  • HDMI 2.0 monitor cannot be activated after resuming from hibernation or standby.
  • Display faulty when a 4K monitor is connected and switched to double displays.
  • Visual anomalies on the internal panel during playback of .wmv films in the “Films & TV” app with high CPU load on mobile processors of the 11th generation of the Intel Core ™ H series.

The driver requires at least Windows 10 Version 1709 aka Fall Creators Update, as well as Intel Core processors of the sixth generation or newer. The list of all supported CPUs can be found in the release notes and descriptions for the update. Unlike the final versions, Intel does not offer these special preliminary versions of the driver via the ” Intel Graphics Control Room” app available in the Windows Store, but only on the Intel website. You can get the final versions of the driver as well as the Intel driver and support assistant from us in the download area:

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