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Intel Tiger Lake Beats AMD In Battery Performance

Intel Tiger Lake

In the past few months, Intel has been left behind against AMD almost everywhere, the former “eternal challenger” was actually able to prevail against Intel in many areas. The market leader urgently needs success and is now referring to battery performance.

Intel is not only under pressure from AMD, the Apple Silicon M1 has also recently hit the semiconductor manufacturer from Santa, California. So Intel needs every success it can get, and that has now been found in its eleventh generation processors, Tiger Lake.

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Because battery benchmarks have now been published that compare them to AMD’s 4000 series, and the Intel CPU, made for laptops, can at least in some cases clearly show the competition in the test setups chosen here. As Tom’s Hardware reports, Intel has tested five of its own systems against five by and with AMD, “Out-of-the-Box-Settings” were used as settings.

In the performance settings, the switch was always set to “better performance”. In order to achieve comparability, antivirus solutions were always removed and the screen was set to a brightness of 200 nits.

Intel partly clear about AMD

In the MobileMark 18 test, Intel admits that the “Battery Life” value at AMD is slightly better, but Intel clearly wins in the benchmark value itself. However, you always have to look at all values ​​with a certain degree of caution, as Intel carried out the measurements themselves. You don’t necessarily have to assume cheating, but you shouldn’t rule out certain “optimizations”.

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According to Intel, AMD laptops have a 38 percent lower battery performance in PCMark 10 and Office 365. In the WebXPRT test, it is even 48 percent, which is behind AMD, in the case of SYSmark 25, however, “only” 30 percent. Of course, battery performance is only part of the overall picture of processors and shouldn’t cover other areas in which Intel is lagging behind. It is also interesting that Intel completely “overlooks” Apple’s new ARM-based M1 processors – one can only speculate about the reasons at this point.

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