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Intel To Release 10th Generation Mobile Work Station Xeon W-10885M By The End of This March

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It was reported earlier during the last year that Intel is all set to get its 5.0Ghz Turbo speed in October, the time is over now,

Intel is all set and expected to release the 10th-generation Core High-Performance Mobile Edition code-named Comet Lake-H at the end of this month. It will also bring the new Xeon W series for mobile workstations, super notebooks, business notebooks, and other products.

The 10th generation Core H is known to have 8-core 16-thread Core i9-10980HK, 6-core 12-thread Core i7-10750H, 4-core 8-core Core i5-10400H / 10300H, and other models.

The new Xeon W series first exposed two models, one is the flagship Xeon W-10885M, 8 cores and 16 threads, three levels of cache 16MB, CPU frequency Turbo Boost up to 5.3GHz, thermal design power consumption 45W.

Obviously, it is a copy of i9-10980HK, so the reference frequency should also be around 3.1GHz.

The other is the mainstream Xeon W-10855M, with 6 cores and 12 threads, an L3 cache of 12MB, a maximum frequency of 5.1GHz, and a thermal design power consumption of 45W.

It is very close to the specifications of the i7-10750H, but the Turbo frequency of the latter is currently 5.0GH z, which is slightly different.

Of course, as a workstation platform product, Xeon W-10885M, Xeon W-10855M will never be a simple copy of the Core series, but also support advanced technologies such as ECC memory, vPro vPro, TXT trusted execution, AMT active management, etc. In addition, according to the latest exposure materials, i5-10400H and i5-10300H will integrate 8MB L3 cache, and the maximum frequency of Turbo frequency is 4.6GHz and 4.5GHz respectively.

Intel is also working actively on AI chips that could be used in cloud platforms, the company had bought AI startup Habana a few months ago and focused on its AI capabilities within the chips.

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