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Internet Explorer 11 will finally be killed off in February 2023

After starting to phase out Internet Explorer in June of this year, Microsoft has now given a specific date for when it will truly be retired from Windows 10. On February 14th of next year, Microsoft Edge with the latest update will exclude Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10.

Internet Explorer 11 will now be removed through an update for Edge rather than a Windows update, as Microsoft had previously promised. The company claims that this will enhance the user experience and facilitate the switch to Edge.

For a very long time, Internet Explorer was destined to die. Microsoft announced its plans to phase out the browser and bring the legacy version of Microsoft Edge back in 2020. (The previous iteration to the current chrome-based iteration). The firm announced in 2021 that it would discontinue support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, but in actuality, it just started phasing it out on that date. Since then, some devices have been gradually diverted to Edge instead, but it won’t be fully unavailable until February. The browser won’t work with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, either.

With the Patch Tuesday update in June, Microsoft will also take away all visual references to Internet Explorer from Windows 10. That implies that the IE logo won’t appear on the taskbar or in the Start menu any longer.

The most advanced feature added to the latest update is IE mode. This mode allows users to get access to websites that were being used in Internet Explorer. This mode helps users access business resources designed for use on Internet Explorer. although modern browsers were unable to acquire these resources. For opening up a site that needs support from Internet Explorer, you need to switch to IE mode, which will allow you to run the operation smoothly.

If you own some resources that require the support of Internet Explorer, you have to assure the support of Microsoft for them before the end of Internet Explorer. In other cases, they’ll stop working after a certain period of time.

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