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Investment On Artificial Intelligence Is Soaring What Could Be The Future

Artificial intelligence investments

Funding to private artificial intelligence companies has been increasing dramatically, $457 million was raised collectively to fund 3 companies iCarbonX, Fractal Analytics and Cylance.

The Major investors in this fund raising includes; Khosla Ventures, Blackstone Group and Insight Venture Partners.

In the second quarter of 2016 almost 70% of the fundraising went to startups in the United States.

Artificial intelligence

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Outside United States 15 countries also locked deals that focused on Artificial Intelligence startups funding. The countries including China, Sweden, Ukraine, France, India, Hong Kong and Canada. These artificial intelligence startups mainly fall in the category of Healthcare and Internet.

artificial intelligence startups

Khosla Ventures is considered the most active VC venture on this list. They have been pursuing AI startups quite significantly. The image below shows the top investors according to their interest and activity.

What Is AI The Future

As Artificial Intelligence investments are rising since 2010 now the companies and investors are more inclined towards it, because they know what the future of AI and its profitability is. We are in the era now where AI might enter into the new dimension which is classed as Intelligence Explosion by many AI theorists. Learn More about AI and IE by Daniel Dewey in this video.


Via: CBinsights


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