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Read new venture between Apple and Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

When George R. R. Martin wrote “Game of Thrones”, nobody anticipated that the world would be hooked on it. Game of thrones not only has very interesting characters but also the plot is simply amazing when it keeps to keeping people on their toes. Literally, I’ve been hooked to Game of thrones with house Stark being my favorite.

Some of the viewers have not read the books. The books aren’t any less the thrill of the show but not everyone has time these days to open a book. Apple announced the launch of “Enhanced Edition” of Game of Thrones which is terrific news for digital readers. The move is anticipated to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the novel’s release. Apple has gone far to introduce its readers to digital reading through interactive ways. The other books will be released over the next few months on Enhanced Editions

Game of Thrones

Enhanced Edition of Game of Thrones has a peek view of Book 6

Enhanced Edition iBooks offer users a more interactive experience. They provide access to secondary materials and include character maps, definitions and information on various houses. Glossaries, references and more, all are now digitally available in iBooks. There will be no losing track of characters and then Googling the information later on to catch up.

The example of interactive character map is that users can tap on the character name in order to see their journey across the map. Multiple journey view and character whereabouts are also possible that lead to real-time information.

The glossary available on the iBook will help users decipher the connections between characters.

Why was Sansa Stark to wed King Joffery?

It will also explain house lineage. The section will increase as the books release.

Apple has pretty amazing features in store for Enhanced Edition. The appendix for example has a feature that includes all 92 house sigils with information about their symbols, house seat, region and allegiance. For every Game of Thrones fan, this is a must have. Anything that the readers want to know or trace back is available in this edition. It’s like interactive digital reading which will probably change the dynamics of publishing. The popularity of Game of Thrones and the move by Apple to encrypt it in the digital publishing shows how far ahead in the future the company is planning.

The readers who buy this Enhanced Edition will also get a peek at the upcoming Book six in the series, “The Winds of Winter”. The secondary material included in the book is helpful and wasn’t possible before.

Pre-order books for $11.99

Apple has done this before. It isn’t the first time that it has released digitally interactive series for popular books. Last fall Apple released an Enhanced Edition for the Harry Potter book series which was couples with exclusive animations and author notes. The tech giant wants to highlight the importance and advantage of Apple’s iBooks platform. It is able to enhance reading with the help of audio content, interactive widgets and animations.

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The Enhanced Edition of Game of Thrones is available for $8.99 and interested buyers can pre-order Book Two through Five for $11.99.

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