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iOS 16.2 Update Brings HomeKit Setups Problem

After the recently launched updates, some Apple HomeKit users report that they are having significant problems with their network. Some of the set-ups that have been set up can no longer be used and have to be set up again. Apple has been silent on this so far.

This emerges from a report by the online magazine AppleInsider. The problem is there too.

Apple had announced that the underlying architecture of HomeKit was rebuilt in iOS 16.2, which should be reflected in improved performance, among other things. So Apple HomeKit users can take advantage of the improvements with iOS 16.2 – but for some, it’s been far from a smooth transition. It is important that all devices in the network are up to date with the latest software. In addition to iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, macOS Ventura 13.1, and watchOS 9.2, Apple also released tvOS 16.2.

Devices get stuck in update mode

There may be times when the devices get stuck in an “upgrading mode” after the upgrade is complete. This status should resolve itself after a short while, leaving everything working as before. At least that’s what the user reports available so far say.

Add new devices

For others, however, even a long wait was useless, and some devices integrated into the HomeKit network could no longer be controlled. Then it only helps to remove the affected devices and add them again. This is a tedious process when using many smart home devices. It is not yet known what causes these connection problems. However, after the first tests, the error also occurs with the recently launched iOS 16.3 beta.