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iOS 16 update fixed major security issues

ios 16.0.3

A significant security issue with iPhones was actually fixed by the most recent iOS 16 upgrade. The update in question is iOS 16.6.1, which may appear trivial at first. There are several bug fixes included, but nothing significant. Well, appearances can be deceptive.

A significant security flaw in iOS 16 has been resolved in the most recent release

With this version, an important zero-day problem in iOS 16 is fixed. That weakness allowed for the remote installation of spyware without any involvement from the iPhone owner. A spyware research organization called Citizen Lab informed Apple of this last week, and the company responded quickly.

This issue made the Pegasus spyware from NGO Group installable. A staffer of a civil society group in Washington, DC, experienced that. Undoubtedly, many of you are curious about Pegasus spyware. Your phone is essentially infected by spyware, which then transmits data to the attacker. anything at all, from pictures to texts to videos and other types of data.

Pegasus spyware uses PassKit to its advantage

The flaw makes use of PassKit, the architecture that powers Apple Pay and Wallet. Malicious photos that are sent via iMessage appear to be spreading the infection. Out of concern for their safety, Citizen Lab withheld a complete breakdown.

It’s a good idea to install this update as soon as you can, even if you’re not an obvious target for this type of spyware. Although this flaw has been there for a while, it wasn’t discovered until lately. Apple responded quickly, which is commendable, of course. Speaking of updates, iOS 17 is being prepared gradually. Apple will shortly reveal its new iPhone models, along with iOS 17.

The occasion will take place on September 12, which is the following week. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the iPhone 15 series, prepare.

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