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Siri will work in iOS 18


Siri made its active debut on iOS 5 back in 2011, but it was laid low by competitors. Siri was a decent assistant before Google Assistant took over. Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and other digital assistants have recently surpassed Siri. which, aside from a few aesthetic tweaks, hasn’t changed in 12 years.

It appears that Siri will receive a significant update with iOS 18 next year. The Information claims that Apple wants Siri to be able to use voice instructions to assist consumers in automating complicated chores. In essence, it wants Siri to take the position of Google Bard or ChatGPT. Siri improvement is reportedly a significant portion of Apple’s reported $1 million per day investment in artificial intelligence.

What will Siri be capable of in iOS 18?

Among the ideas being discussed is Siri’s potential to shoot five images in succession, convert them into a GIF, and email the GIF to a buddy all at once. Obviously, you could already make a GIF using the Shortcuts app and a collection of photographs, but you’d need to configure that. There would be no need for setup; a straightforward command would be sufficient.

The Shortcuts app, which is already quite potent software that you can use on iOS and iPad OS, is probably going to have functionality that is comparable to that of Siri. Almost anything can be done with it. According to the rumor, Apple intends to have this upgrade ready for the iOS 18 WWDC premiere in June 2024. This would enable everyone to use it by the autumn of 2024. When the iPhone 16 first launched.

Apple isn’t the only company attempting to improve its assistant, though. According to reports, Google is also developing language model software to update Google Assistant so that it can tackle tasks that are more difficult. However, Google might be able to launch sooner as it wouldn’t be dependent on a platform upgrade like Apple usually is.

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