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iOS Beta Bug Shows Floating Snooze Button On The Screen

iOS Beta 14

Apple has been working on iOS beta 13.6 and 14 for some time now, the glitches and cockups are always there to appear, but the latest information posted on social media was something really unbelievable, it seems that developers are learning and experimenting on the software.

The screenshot shows that the Snooze Alarm button is floating on the left of the screen where it has to be fixed on the right side just next to the text Snooze.

It really looks like a glitch a front end but Apple might be trying to innovate it with a new floating snooze button, well that was just a sarcasm nothing else.

Apple iOS Beta Floating Snooze Button

The beta versions of software is released always to get feedback, fix bugs and improve the performance, of course, Apple will fix it with the time being when it is closer to launch the software, but small things can be overlooked just like it happened many times in the past.

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