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iPadOS 16 will be released much later than iOS 16, it’s now official

It’s been a few days since we suspected it, the thing is now official. Apple has confirmed the postponement of iPadOS 16, which will be released immediately as iPadOS 16.1. If no specific reason has been mentioned, it is likely that several new features still need time to be refined. The launch date is not yet known, but the rumors are about October this year.

If iOS 16 development is now complete, it clearly isn’t for iPadOS 16. Indeed, there have been rumors of a postponement ever since journalist Mark Gurman announced that the system exploitation would not run concurrently with its iPhone counterpart. We were just waiting for confirmation from Apple to clear up any last suspicions.

It’s done now. In the TechCrunch columns, the Cupertino company has indeed made the information official. “This is a particularly important year for iPadOS,” she says. “Because it’s a full-fledged platform with features built specifically for iPad, we have the ability to deliver iPadOS on its own schedule. This fall, iPadOS will appear after iOS, in version 16.1 in a free software update. »

See you in October to discover iPadOS 16

Apple won’t say when we’ll be able to install the next version of iPadOS, so chances are Mark Gurman was right and we’ll have to wait until October. Indeed, the company has announced that iPad 16 will be skipped to make way for iPadOS 16.1 straight away. However, if we refer to last year, iPadOS 15.1 was available at the end of October 2021, a month after the implementation of iPadOS 15.

As for the reasons for the delay, Apple again remains discreet. It is more than likely that some features will still require development time before the final launch. We are thinking in particular of the Stage Manager that caused a stir during the presentation of the operating system. Anyway, iPadOS 16.1 is already available in beta, for the most impatient of you.

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