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iPhone 12 To Record 4K Video With 240fps

iPhone 12

A recent YouTube Video by tipster confirms this, EverythingApplePro reveals new features for the camera of upcoming iPhones 12.

In collaboration with Max Weinbach, whose reputation is well established, EverythingApplePro highlights information found in the Beta 1 of iOS 14 which refers to a 4K 120fps and 4K 240fps mode.

Max Weinbach confirms this information on his other account @PineLeaks, on which he already mentioned a 64MP main sensor, an ultra-wide-angle sensor with a 35% higher aperture, and a 10% larger battery.

Based on the information found in the source code of iOS 14, Max Weinbach believes that the iPhone 12 will have a native 4K 120fps video mode, as well as the possibility of recording in 4K 120fps and 4K 240fps in slow motion. 4K 240fps mode would not be available in wide-angle mode, possibly due to a processor limitation.

If this information is confirmed, the iPhone 12 would be the first phone capable of filming at such a speed in 4K, a feat that speaks volumes about the power of the new A14 chip from Apple. As a reminder, in 2017 the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were the very first smartphones to offer 4K 60FPS video recording support. It is therefore not impossible that Apple repeats the feat by offering a mode hitherto never seen on a smartphone.

Feature Not Available In iPhone 12 Pro?

It is not impossible that Apple reserves this functionality to the iPhone 12 Pro by leaving the iPhone 12 at a maximum framerate of 60fps in 4K to highlight the “Pro” side of its most expensive device. There is currently no information regarding an 8K recording mode. It is possible that Apple wants to avoid the 8K 30FPS as for its smartphone this year, because a small sensor may offer the user a result not always satisfactory in terms of image quality. On the Galaxy S20, recording in 8K is limited to 5 minutes per video.

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