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iPhone 13 To Come Without Buttons

iPhone 13 buttons

Apple is said to have come up with something special for the design of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro series: The new iPhone should be the first to completely dispense with buttons, i.e. the side control buttons. At least that’s one hot new rumor.

Is it time to write an obituary on the iPhone buttons – this is what CNet’s author Brian Bennett asks himself? According to Bennett’s information, Apple plans to do away with the buttons on the side of the iPhone and bring the iPhone 13 Pro to the market as the first Apple smartphone without buttons.

Patent shows the new design

The iPhone 12 could therefore be the last Apple smartphone that has familiar buttons. But where did this rumor come from? Basically from Apple itself, because as Apple Insider discovered, there is a patent application from the group that describes the “capacitive input” on the frame of a smartphone. According to the patent, the fields for input will be backlit and only light up when you are typing nearby, i.e. they will not be constantly illuminated in everyday use.

That sounds like an elegant solution that Apple has developed – and that could already be in the implementation phase. It often happens that patents are not used or are only used years later. In the same way, it has also happened with Apple patents that they were available in stores a few months later shortly before the presentation of the function or design presented in the patent.

That Apple wants to do without buttons, on the other hand, is quite an old rumor, because there were first leaks with corresponding technical drawings years ago. The iPhone 13 is expected in a few weeks. If nothing happens, the start is planned for September.

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