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iPhone 14 models get a much improved selfie camera

Apple will officially unveil its new iPhones in about four months, but until then, of course, there will be a long-standing stream of leaks. The latest information concerns the front camera, which will apparently come in a much-improved version.

In September 2022, the group from Cupertino, California will present its latest smartphones. If Apple doesn’t come up with a surprise when it comes to the name, it will feature the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, plus two others. And since the iPhone 13 series didn’t exactly bring anything new to the market, hopefully, next fall the new devices will have more to offer in this regard.

Better and with autofocus

This question can already be answered in the affirmative on one special point, namely with regard to the front camera. Because according to a report from the Korean side ET News (via Apple Insiders), the California company will install a selfie unit made in South Korea for the first time in its history. It is also said that this camera is much improved and offers built-in autofocus

Specifically, LG Innotek will be responsible for this, until now the front camera was made in China. In any case, this will result in a significant cost increase for Apple, because the new front camera would be about three times as expensive as the previous solution.

The move to become a subsidiary of LG had apparently been planned for some time, but the original plans were for the change to take place next year – but Apple is said to have brought it forward due to quality issues at the current supplier. The current report is quite credible. Because already in April, the well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the selfie camera would be improved. The analyst said at the time that all four models planned for the fall will get a new front camera. 

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