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iPhone 8 will turn off notifications when you are looking at it

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This iPhone 8 leak is a real gimmick, reportedly iPhone 8 will leverage its long rumoured front 3D sensor and use it as an intelligent assistant. The feature would let the users silence the notifications on the phone when you have it in your hands and looking into it.

You might have come across the situation where you are texting replying your group messages but the ringtone keeps beeping with every message that enters the phone.

With so much technology developed to date phones should be intelligent now and understand that you are carrying it and see the messages directly, there is no need for notifications until it is put aside.

One thing is not confirmed yet in this leak, whether it will apply to all notifications or the notification of the app that is currently in use. But 9to5mac suggests it the feature ships with iPhone 8 it will allow users to choose from notifications which they must have to hear.

Verge reported that leak is first discovered by a developer Guilherme Rambo who already leaked true features in Homepod. The 3D sensor will detect that the user is actively using the phone and silently turns off the notifications which might be disturbing for many users if they in the middle of talk or something important.

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