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iPhone 9 Rumored To Launch This Week; Possible Clash With OnePlus

We’ve heard rumors of a few possible iPhone 9 launch dates, some of which have been and are gone – but one that’s yet to come is April 15, and it’s now looking more likely. 

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Jon Prosser (a leaker with a solid track record) first put forward a couple of weeks ago, he has stuck with that date, reiterating it recently. He adds that it is possible for Apple to move to April 14 in order to throw off OnePlus, as this is the day the range of OnePlus 8 is due to launch.

In either case, on April 22, according to Prosser, the iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2020 as it could be called) will probably then ship about a week later.

While this is just a theory for now, it’s one that has been backed up recently by another source, as an analyst recently reported the iPhone 9 will launch in the middle of this month, and you can’t get much more in the middle of April 15. 

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The only real reason we would doubt that the iPhone 9 is launching this week is that leaks are not rolling in as fast as we would expect for a major launch just a day or two away, and that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have thrown off the schedule for Apple.

But with two sources pointing to a launch this week and no conflicting reports (which have not been proven wrong already), for now it is still our best guess.

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