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iPhone Foldable Built By Chinese YouTuber And Its Amazing!

iPhone Foldable

There is now an iPhone with a foldable display – only unofficially, of course. A Chinese YouTuber has built what is sort of a prototype, which is a foldable iPhone, using a number of components from an Android-based Motorola smartphone.

Chinese YouTuber Keijimx has released a video showing how an ordinary iPhone can be turned into a modern clamshell phone. However, the film, which can be seen on the video platform with English subtitles, is less a guide for your own experiments than a kind of rough demonstration of what is theoretically possible with a lot of tinkering.

Specifically, Keijimx used the inner workings and the frame as well as the display of an iPhone X, i.e. a relatively old model that appeared five years ago. He combines this with the hinges of a 2020 Motorola RAZR 5G, which was one of the first commercially available folding-screen smartphones.

The result is a construct that is hardly suitable for everyday use, and which boasts above all its absolute uniqueness. Neither the software nor the operation has been modified in any way. In addition, of course, the quality of this piece of pure “craft” leaves a lot to be desired, especially since the components of the iPhone X were never developed for a foldable design.

The curious foldable Apple smartphone is mainly made possible by the fact that the iPhone X already uses an OLED panel with a plastic substrate, which is often referred to as P or plastic OLED. So basically, every iPhone X comes with a potentially bendable display, although Keijimx’s device, of course, lacks the scratch-resistant glass cover.

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