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Google Pixel 8 Phones Are Code Named Husky And Shiba

Google is apparently working on two other new Pixel smartphones, codenamed “Shiba” and “Husky”. It is currently unclear whether these are completely new models. They have a new SoC and there are indications of a very decent configuration.

The range of new Pixel devices currently being developed by Google is constantly growing. After hearing about one or more foldable smartphones and a cheaper Pixel 7, there are now two more new models. “Husky” and “Shiba” could already represent the next model generation of the Pixel series.

We have the first details about the devices, which come from publicly available code sources. Accordingly, the two new smartphones run with Android 14 “Upside Down Cake” and are based on a new SoC, which, as before, is being developed by Google and its partner Samsung.

A New Google processor codenamed Zuma with large RAM

The chip is codenamed “Zuma” by Google and has the same modem as the Google Tensor G2 (G201), i.e. a 5G G5300 modem developed by Samsung. Specific details about the SoC are not yet available, but it is known that Samsung recently worked on another new ARM SoC from its production, the Exynos 2300. It is conceivable that “Zuma” is a customized variant based on it with the Google-typical optimizations for machine learning and AI.

According to the source, the additional features of both “Shiba” and “Husky” include a total of 12 gigabytes of RAM, which means that the two new Google devices can be located quite securely in the high-end sector. This is also supported by the screen resolution

While the Google “Shiba” has a very stretched Full HD resolution of 2268×1080 pixels, the Google “Husky” has a resolution of 2822×1344 pixels, so it should have a “better” display and is, therefore, a bit above the first model be settled. All in all, both devices appear to have equipment that is at the upper end of the scale.

Whether it is actually the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro is of course pure speculation. The form factors suggest that we are dealing with smartphones in the classic bar-type design and not with foldable or tablets. It would still be very early to talk about the next generation of Google’s top smartphones if they are not to be launched until summer or autumn 2023. It is also conceivable that these are just test platforms from Google’s hardware team.