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Whatsapp Now Offer New Features To Its iOS Users

WhatsApp has come up with new version and fresh features for all iOS users.

These features include

  1. Add color photo filters, videos and GIFs:

The photo filter feature has been embedded in WhatsApp camera. Also users can edit files available on their iPhones.

Filter options:

  • Pop
  • B&W
  • Cool
  • Chrome
  • Film

More filters are expected to release in near future.

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  1. Automatic album generated in chats:

The second most important feature that has been added is the new album option on WhatsApp for pictures received on it. WhatsApp would automatically combine three to four pictures or videos and form a tile play. This can be viewed by iPhone user from their message thread.


  1. Send replies from home screens (Quick reply):

Chat process has been speeded up as iPhone users can now reply to messages instantly just by a right swipe.

Aim of these features

  • Improve IPhone user experience on WhatsApp
  • Provide ease and flexibility for users

For iOS users this update is available. Update your phones to take benefit of these features. As for Android users, don’t feel disappointed as an update is expected soon for you too so gear up and wait.


Nicole Craig

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