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iPhone with A Fingerprint Sensor Behind the Display to Launch Soon

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Apple is known for bringing in innovation or creativity or something new in each of its latest launches. As per reports it is evident that Apple has already started working on the 2020 iPhone.

According to the latest report on the future of the best-selling product heralds of Apple, the fingerprint sensor is to return with a change. The feature had been in use for years as it is used for unlocking the device.

As per the reports of Bloomberg, Apple is working on a fingerprint sensor that instead of taking over an important display space, would be hidden underneath the display.

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Like the smartphones of Samsung Galaxy, one could place their finger on a specific area of the front display that would then be used for unlocking the device.

It is not clear that whether this Touch ID feature in Apple jargon would be made a part of the 2020 iPhone or would be made a part of some model of later years.

In recent times, Apple has swapped its finger-print based security with a new feature known as Face ID. However, users have reported issues with the Face ID in low light or while wearing sunglasses and when other minor hindrances are encountered.

Apple has continued using the Touch ID fingerprint technology in its older models of iPhone and last year even introduced it for the first time on MacBook.

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