Smartphone Radiations Not Causing Health Issues; Study

smartphone radiations

A new study suggests that smartphone radiations are not causing health issues.

Lots had been said regarding the radiation caused by smartphones and 5G which is being launched throughout the world. The technology has raised concerns about the negative effects of technology.

As per a study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, any potentially hazardous biological effects are more often seen in the low-quality scientific studies, according to Cent.

The researchers have argued that many of the studies showing the effect of radiofrequency radiation goes beyond the heating of human tissue are of low quality but got published as they are intriguing.

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They have further argued that these studies lack the consistency in regard to their results and anti-5G sentiment without scientific evidence would do less good than harm.

Mark Elwood—an epidemiologist at the University of Auckland said that many of the studies indicating a potential detrimental health effect are of not that good quality but get published as they are interesting.

Elwood said that the word “potential” is of significance. Most of the studies look into some physiological or molecular change which could possibly be linked to a health effect, however normally direct proof of health deterioration is not present.

He indicated to a recent review by the researchers at the University of Texas which has reviewed more than 200 studies and more than 2000 test of Radiofrequency radiation on mammalian cells, it found only 9 percent of the highest quality studies suggesting genetic damage might occur, whereas half of the lowest-quality studies indicated this.

He also said that this proposes that the positive results in most of the studies are because of the failure of meeting the basic criteria of quality for conducting studies.

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