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iQOO Z1x Would Be The Cheapest 5G Smartphone With SD 765G, 5000mAh Battery And 120Hz

iQOO Z1x 5G

The new iQOO Z1x is expected to launch tomorrow on July 9, According to official information, Z1x uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip, which is a 7nm EUV process technology chip with the main frequency of up to 2.4GHz and supports SA/NSA dual-mode 5G.

Of course, the biggest highlight of iQOO Z1x also comes from its 120Hz along with 5000mAh large battery combination configuration. The iQOO Z1x has a built-in 5000mAh large battery and supports 33W flash charging. It has a longer battery life and faster recycling. When it comes to screens, iQOO Z1x also crosses 90Hz and directly reaches 120Hz.

In addition to a good performance, the officials recently announced that the iQOO Z1x will have “PC-level liquid cooling”. 5G mobile phones have big power consumption while playing games, this heat will continue to rise. If there is no better heat dissipation solution, it will undoubtedly seriously restrict the performance of the mobile phone, iQOO Z1x has ultra-long liquid-cooled heat pipes, multi-layer graphite fins, and Cooling Turbo intelligent thermal management system, which can keep the temperature of the device within a reasonable range and protect the mobile phone’s long-lasting performance output.

Moreover, iQOO Z1x provides azure blue, water white, and cool colors and the three black colors.

In addition, the body measurements are 164.20×76.50×9.06mm, the weight is 199.5g, the size is moderate, the weight is also controlled below 200g, and the feel should be quite good in 5G mobile phones. Overall, the details and specifications of the iQOO Z1x have been announced. At present, the most concerned about the price of the device, all these need to be officially announced at the press conference. However, considering the extreme price-performance ratio of the Z series and the ultra-low price of the predecessor iQOO Z1, the iQOO Z1x as a complementary model should have a lower price, it is expected that the device would appear as the cheapest 5G category on the market.

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