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Sony To Bring All PlayStation Games To PC

Sony is and will continue to be successful with the PlayStation, in part because the manufacturer has a first-class lineup of first-party games. And some gamers would like to be able to use the games on the PC. And that actually happens more often.

For a long time, the PlayStation manufacturer published its own games exclusively on its own console. A PC version or even cheating on another platform was out of the question for Sony. But in the previous year, they jumped a bit beyond their own shadow and released Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC (Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human followed).

And that was more than successful: Because Horizon Zero Dawn brought more than 700,000 units to women and men in the month of August 2020 alone. The “fall” of the post-apocalyptic adventure and its success has also led to a rethink at Sony, as PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said in an interview with GQ magazine.

PC Not a difficult decision

The decision to do more for the PC was “a pretty easy decision,” according to Ryan. It wasn’t always like that, but some things have changed recently. Ryan: “We are now, in early 2021, in better shape than ever with our development studios and the games they make. Especially in the second half of the PS4 cycle, our studios have made some wonderful, great games.”

“There is an opportunity to bring these great games to a wider audience and to see the economics of game development, which is not always easy. The cost of making games increases with each cycle as the calibre of game brands has improved.” explains the PlayStation boss. “It’s also made it easier for us to make it available to non-console owners, so it’s a pretty easy decision for us to make.”

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Jim Ryan also made a first concrete announcement, because the zombie survival adventure Days Gone will also get a PC port in spring.