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Is SEO dead? 8 Reasons that Makes SEO alive which brings life to your Website

seo is dead

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique that enables users as well as search engines to search for and understand the content posted on a website The ranking of a site in any search engine, by and large, depends on how effectively the SEO strategies are deployed for that site. At the same time, assuming that a search engine is limited only to a set of rules and algorithms might imply that these rules may be bent to provide results that are not essentially the right ones (for example, what we know as blackhat SEO). At the same time, one should also keep in mind that search engines have become more and more sophisticated over the years. Therefore, it is still important to ensure that a web site adheres to SEO techniques in order to be ranked as high as it should be.

SEO is not obsolete

Firstly, SEO is often considered as an “obsolete” technology. This is far from the truth, as SEO techniques have also evolved in line with search engines. SEO techniques have now evolved to the extent that audio, video and pictures can also be optimized for most search engines. Keywords can be associated with these types of media to make them searchable. SEO is a technique that is here to stay for a lot longer than it seems. SEO can also help websites that are not converting traffic to read more about SEO is an alive visit Search engine land article

Brand visibility

Effective SEO is a very important aspect of establishing one’s brand identity and visibility. When a potential customer browses the Internet, that customer’s primary focus is on the first page of the search results, sometimes extending over to the first few results on the second page. Since there may be numerous search keywords using which a customer might perform the search, diversification of applicable keywords also increases the visibility of the site. This is the primary reason why keyword-driven SEO is vital in acquiring new business. Such SEO techniques constitute the much-desired bridge between generic and specific, which is the secret ingredient for customer acquisition.

Visibility on search engines

Improving visibility on a search engine has another aspect to it. Prospective customers are more prone to offering new business prospects to a vendor that is ranked higher in the results. Adequate SEO strives to ensure that a site receives the highest possible amount of visibility. What is important here is that this kind of visibility is directly related to credibility. While a vendor on page one of the search results may not be essentially any better than one listed on page five, the psyche of any consumer would automatically in favor of the former.

SEO is a critical marketing tool

The return on investment (ROI) on SEO-driven advertising is surprisingly effective in the online marketplace. Using any of the SEO-based advertising techniques, it is possible for a service provider or a vendor to generate awareness and create an impression among potential customers. SEO-driven advertisements, appearing in a diverse array of websites and portals, help ensure this visibility. It has been conclusively demonstrated that these techniques are considerably more effective than traditional (or “offline”) marketing techniques. Interactivity only adds the icing on the cake. Online shopping has reached a point where nine out of ten customers check the online reviews of a product on various sites, prior to purchasing it. Read more about SEO as a marketing tool

Customer acquisition

Therefore, SEO is not just an investment, but a critical marketing tool as well. At the same time, it is important for SEO marketers to realize their limits. Techniques such as keyword optimization do help in acquiring the much sought-after customer base and the much-desired credibility. However, it is also essential to maintain the focus on the key areas of expertise and support these with a full-fledged portfolio of services offered. This improves the chances of site visitors actually subscribing to the services being offered, that is, prospective customers becoming actual customers.

SEO reduces marketing costs

While it is certainly an investment, effective SEO techniques help to reduce the cost of marketing substantially. Assuming a situation where a brand has acquired substantial visibility and is now competing with the “big guns” of the industry, effective SEO techniques can help sustain the inflow of traffic and the acquisition of new customers in a business, without running the risk of running the marketing budget aground. Even if the customers have a structured research mechanism in place for evaluating the credibility of vendors and the services offered by those vendors, effective SEO can help the business gain greater visibility over its competitors. The best part is, SEO has never been an expensive option, considering its potential to provide huge returns on a meagre investment.

Reaching customers on-the-go

With digital marketing rapidly gaining prominence, SEO now holds the solution for optimizing the content in websites that are viewable on multiple devices. With responsive web design fast becoming an essential aspect of any website, a sustainable content profile is essential for keeping the business apace with even minor updates made to search methodologies. Sooner or later, the traffic on tabs and mobiles is bound to exceed that for content viewed on desktops. New SEO techniques, such as local search optimization, have now become available to address these situations as fresh opportunities. These developments provide a fresh scope for businesses to extend their consumer base from the traditional office-based customer to the more contemporary on-the-go individual.

Google search engine turns 19 in September 2017

Everyone is in the game

Last but not the least, it is important to be ahead of the competition. SEO as a phenomenon started nearly a decade ago and it is still continuing. Therefore, if every business or vendor is utilizing its advantages, there is no better reason for using SEO than for keeping up with the rapid pace of the online marketplace.

SEO is the most cost-effective and sure-shot solution to achieving grand success in the online marketplace. In short, effective SEO is essential for not just acquiring, but also sustaining, incoming traffic that is the lifeblood of any online business. Today, SEO is not just an option. It is a necessity.


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