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The new arrival Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus what are the new features

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus features

Smooth and sleek with a metal finish and a stunning dual-edge display, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus features are remarkable and is easily Samsung’s biggest S-series or Edge-series handset. At 5.7 inches, this supersized octa-core powered phone is a stunning upgrade over its predecessor S6.

Bigger than ever:

The massive screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has already set Galaxy users across the globe abuzz with excitement, especially people who prefer more real estate on the device screen. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is powered by the Android Lollypop (otherwise known as Android 5.1). The new display is a significant improvement over the previous version and sports a more compactlayout for easier navigation and better organization.

Under the hood:

Additional specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ include its QuadHD Super AMOLED screen to go with its power-packed GPU and 4GB of RAM. Anyone can enjoy seamless connectivity with Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth-enabled television sets. By default, the phone comes with 32GB of internal storage. Mobile photographers also have a reason to rejoice, as the 16MP camera is accompanied by a powerful LED flash and the 518ppi display. To prolong the enjoyment, Samsung has adequately supplied the phone with a 3000mAh battery.

Samsung Pay:

Users of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will soon pride themselves on being among the first people to use Samsung’s mobile wallet feature, the Samsung Pay. The feature, due to be launched by the end of the third quarter of 2015, is Samsung’s next generation solution to smart and secure payments. Using Samsung Pay, Galaxy S6 Edge+ enables its users to pay using their credit or debit cards using the phone as the sole device for authenticating the transaction. The payment process includes a biometric scan (of the user’s fingerprint) for security, a quick upward swipe of the bottom bezel on the phone, and a couple of taps. Using Samsung Pay, a user can make a payment even if the S6 Edge+ is switched off.


Samsung has provided all the additional specifications that a modern smartphone should include, such as a compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor, barometer, and accelerometer. In addition, Samsung is also including a wide range of accessories designed specifically for this phone, giving gadget junkies a grand reason to celebrate. The accessories include mouth-watering additions like a Blackberry-style keyboard cover for the lower portion of the screen. Among the protective covers, the fingerprint-resistant clear cover preserves the shine on the rear cover of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, which is usually quite fingerprint-prone. For individuals looking to make the most of the phone’s features while being constantly on the go, the 5200 mAh Fast Charge battery packs and the wireless charger are must-haves.

A couple of tradeoffs:

The sleek looks and incredible performance come at a couple of tradeoffs, though. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ does not include a slot for a removable micro-SD card or a removable battery. The price is also a steep incline above the Note 5, which was also launched simultaneously. Whether or not the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will gain the edge over its predecessors and competitors, only time can tell.


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