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It’s confirmed the iPhone 15 will feature a customizable Action button

As per the information shared by Spigen, the iPhone 15 will feature an Action Button. This piece of information is now officially confirmed, although there were several rumors about it previously. Spigen is basically an accessory manufacturer. The company shared an image on X that features the new case. A volume button and an action button are visible in the shared image.

Reportedly, the Action Button sits above the volume button. In the post, Spigen used the caption ‘something different’ as well as the AppleEvent hashtag. On the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the mute button will be replaced by the Action Button. However, rumors claim that the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will feature the mute switch.

Besides this, some reports even suggested that the Pro models would feature a solid-state button; however, this might not be the actual case. Perhaps the company faced some problems with it and chose to use the regular buttons.

The Action Button can be customized

Interestingly, the Action Button is customizable. It means that users can set different actions with a single press, a long press, or a double press. Obviously, this is merely speculation. It will be evident with the official release. The iPhone 15 series is set to debut later at some point today.

Reportedly, all models of the iPhone 15 series will feature a Dynamic Island and a Type-C USB port too. This is going to be the first iPhone to feature a Type-C USB port. The Pro models will have a titanium frame and thin bezels. Reportedly, the bezels are thinner than the previous series. Additionally, the Pro Max model will feature a periscope camera. It might be more expensive than the other models.

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