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Joe Biden Administration Even Tightens Embargo On Huawei


The new US administration under Joe Biden will not move away anytime soon from the sanctions introduced under Trump against the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer and smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Now the embargo has even been tightened again.

As reported by the US business service Bloomberg, citing sources from the government and affected US companies, the responsible authorities have issued new, specific regulations that affect Huawei and the use of American products and technologies in 5G hardware.

Focus on 5G products

The changed regulations apparently primarily affect products from American companies or manufactured with the help of American technologies that would be suitable for use in 5G devices from Huawei. This supposedly includes products like semiconductors, antennas and batteries that Huawei could use in its 5G hardware.

The US government of Joe Biden apparently wants to provide a more precise definition of the embargo regulations against Huawei for a more precise focus of the measures against the Chinese manufacturer, which is classified as a “threat to national security”.

More Precise Details Ensuring the Same Conditions

Prior to this, there had been criticism of the sanctions imposed on Huawei by the Trump administration because, although they allowed exceptional licenses, the granting of these was apparently arbitrary. Some companies had been given permission to deliver certain products back to Huawei or to have them developed or manufactured using US technology, but other suppliers of similar products did not.

The newly defined specifications are intended to resolve the confusion about the exemption permits and create a uniform set of rules, they say. However, no really detailed information has yet been published, so that, for example, the question remains whether Google may now, at least in theory, be officially allowed to work with Huawei again when it comes to Android.

The sanctions against Huawei have always been supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike, as both parties see the company as a threat to the national security of the United States. Only recently had Biden’s newly appointed head of the US Department of Commerce responsible for the US government’s “blacklist” made it clear that the embargo would be adhered to.