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Justin Long features in Intel’s ads declaring “I’m Justin” instead of “I’m a Mac” guy

Intel on boards Justin Long (the “I’m a Mac” guy) to mock Apple’s MacBook – It’s fun to watch these ads.

What just happened? Did Justin Long just mocked mocked Apple’s products.

In recent Intel ads, Justin Long, the famous actor from ‘Jeepers Creepers’ shocked Mac lovers with his laughable mockery. He starts with, “Hello, I’m a… Justin.”

During the mid-2000s, Long appeared in Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials, and soon he was known as the “I’m a Mac” guy. Years later, he switched sides and, instead of calling himself a Mac guy, said, “Hello, I’m a… Justin, just a real person…”


One of the ads is about the flexibility of an Intel 2-in-1 (Lenovo Yoga 9i), which he compares with a MacBook Pro. The other ad compares the two products in gaming terms. Intel is efficient to get connected with three screens, while Mac can only connect with one; “one’s better than none,”.


And one which shows off Intel’s touch screens with cool features, while Apple’s Mac still comes in dusty grey shades.


These ads depict that Intel is eager to take back its market share. And sure it could, after all there Apple’s Mac is in competition with the rest of the market. So it means, ‘one against the world.’

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