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Kim Dotcom US extradition might be live streamed

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Megaupload Ltd was an online company started in Hong-Kong in the year 2005. It was founded by Kim Dotcom and provided services to the online community for file storage and viewing. The company ceased its operation in 2012 because of its violation of international copyrights. Now, Kim Dotcom extradition seems inevitable providing he broke international copyright laws and promoted piracy.

Kim Dotcom US extradition will be for the internet to see

The case related the extradition of German tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom to the United States has wielded debate on the issue of user involvement in piracy and promotion of copyright infringement by the hands of the storing authority. The court proceedings are taking place in New Zealand. Dotcom is being charged by the United States government for copyright infringement and money laundering over his file sharing business, Megaupload.

The United States government has accused Dotcom and three other members of the company for costing movie studios and record companies more than $500 million dollars and has illegally generated $175 million by encouraging users to store and share materials, promoting copyright infringement.

Is live streaming the trial possible?

Ira Rothken who is representing Dotcom in the trials has filed a plea to live stream the court proceedings on the internet. Dotcom also believes that the video should be streamed on the internet for the community to see, saying that if one has nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear. The United States government is against the idea of live streaming Dotcom’s trial on the internet. But Dotcom believes that live streaming his trial would ensure a fair hearing and could be used for future references of online copyright infringement trials.

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Megaupload has been accounted for 4% of the internet traffic in its prime days as users were able to store and share every sort of file from Hollywood movies to personal videos. The US government has charged Dotcom with the practice of paying rewards to users to repeat copyright violation which promotes piracy.


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