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Another advertisement launches the Microsoft versus Mac debate

Microsoft versus Mac

The Microsoft versus Mac war is years old. And Microsoft seems to be reigniting it every now and then. Apple can’t be exempted from the blame, either, because the organization has been involved in bashing Microsoft PC for a really long time.

Microsoft versus Mac, which is better?

A recent commercial aired on television by Microsoft bashed Mac, again. Microsoft managed to throw shade at Apple’s iPad Pro in the past week and is now again openly bashing MacBook Air. Mac has always been labeled simple but there is no doubt that Microsoft has always been versatile.

The Microsoft versus Mac debate has been going on for years. And seems like it won’t stop anytime soon. Apple first started the PC debate back in 2000 when it launched an advertisement in which John Hodgman and Justin Long played PC and Mac, respectively. “Get a Mac”, advertisement series became a hit in the tech world.

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After this the long feud of Microsoft versus Mac began. In the recent advertisement it is seen that Microsoft labels MacBook Air as slow, heavy and a bit square-hinting out that Mac has no versatility in its design.

Microsoft holds itself to be more versatile. By coming with a detachable keyboard, a pen and touch screen which gives users more comfort. Since, back to school season is starting many companies are notching up their marketing game by comparing with their rivals to attract consumer base.

A hat for your cat

“Like a hat for your cat”, is a catchy phrase used in the advertisement which points out that Mac has absolutely no purpose. Microsoft has used similar marketing tactics to bash Apple’s iPad, Siri and the MacBook Air. Apple has not yet responded with a comment or an advertisement to the latest Microsoft stunt.

Here is a compilation of Apple bashing Microsoft through its advertisement back in circa 2000.

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