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Uber and Careem services have been halted in Abu Dhabi

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Uber is the most famous and growing company in Taxi-Ride services all around the globe. Careem also covers the UAE market as it is UAE based company providing services similar to Uber. Uber services and Careem services were deferred in the capital of UAE since last Saturday. There is no affirmation as yet when they would be able to resume back their operations in the capital.

According to the “The National” a UAE based Newspaper mentioned that almost 50 Drivers of Uber & Careem had been detained so far”.

Reuters claimed that their sources of information unfolds the real reason behind this tragedy. Some sources told, “The drivers had been found transgressing the regulations set by the government”. No information was provided on what was the breach in these cases.

Uber spokesperson residing in Dubai said, “This is a temporary halt in services and we will keep you updated”. He neither responded to the questions posed by the news agents nor talked about the alleged violations done by the drivers.

Although, Vice president of Careem Christian Eid provided some clues over the issue. He said most of the drivers were arrested because of the licensing issues. He added, the drivers were stopped by the Government authorities who regulate taxi operators. Police also denied to respond to any queries.

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