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Kyocera changes its strategy for consumer smartphones


Yesterday, something surprising came from Kyocera. Reports indicated that Kyocera will be abandoning the consumer phone business. As per information, the company made this decision after a huge loss of JPY 2.27 billion ($16.6 million) this February. It appears that the company was manufacturing phones. However, none of us heard about any in the last few months or years.

The reports suggest that the company will abandon the consumer space only whereby continuing to serve the corporate customers. It was something that has been done by the company to cope with the reduced profitability. Hideo Tanimoto, Kyocera President mentioned that there is currently no marketability for the general market.

Well, it might appear that Kyocera is done with things. However, this is not the case. As the company has clarified the overall situation. The company states that it is only redesigning its current strategy. Of course, the recent modifications are the result of less profit from the market. For this reason, the company is going to shift its focus to corporate phones.

Currently, the company is facing tough competition even in the Japanese market. Rivals like Chinese brands (Xiaomi and Oppo) and even Japanese brands (Sony and Sharp) have made it hard for Kyocera to survive the market. Well, this is some sad news since Kyocera is one of the oldest companies that has been associated with manufacturing mobile phones since 1989.

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