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LastPass just had another security incident.

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Recent worldwide research has revealed how lamely we set up our passwords. Using a single password to protect all other passwords isn’t a best idea. It’s quite hobbling in terms of security protection, just how LikePass is doing. They protect all of your passwords under one password, which increases the probability of cyberattacks. Likepass is fully aware of the threat. Following the recent attacks, LikePass is now spreading awareness about the latest system breach to access data.

In 2021, LastPass became a target of cyberattacks, and the attack has continued this August since the company’s source code was stolen. Specific elements of the customer’s data were fetched, not quite forming a pattern to get access to the original story.

Cloud storage provided by Likepass to users was accessed by hackers. Law enforcement agencies were hired by the companies to investigate the matter. However, it kept the platform fully functional, ensuring the users that hackers cannot access the stored passwords due to the company’s zero knowledge architecture. It was revealed that the company doesn’t store the passwords itself.

The main components work in a specific manner;

  • Private master password

LastPass provides the facility of “zero knowledge,” which means that your password is only accessible by you. Even Likepass cannot access it.

  • End point encryption

Encryption is done through the device before using LikePass, which means only the user is able to decrypt his/her data.

  • 256-bit AES encryption

Likepass provides a higher level of encryption generally used by banks and the military.

  • PBKDF2-SHA256 for brute-force attacks

The encryption keys are strengthened against a massive, brute-force attack by slowing down guesses.

  • Privacy by design

Biometric encryption is imposed at the device level and forms a protection against server-side attacks.

This significant module is provided by the company, but that’s not enough to satisfy the brand’s reputation and the customer’s concerns after multiple past incidents. However, while using likepass, you should keep your passwords updated at regular intervals and avoid using the same password on multiple sites. In addition, Likepass provides a complete guide chain to ensure the highest level of privacy protection.