Latest Camera Features are coming to Google Pixel 8

On October 4, Google will make the Pixel 8 official announcement. However, the leaks continue to come loud and fast. The most recent leak comes from 91Mobiles, which has listed almost all the new features that will be included in this year’s Pixel 8 series. The reason for this is that a leaked video was discovered.

“Video Boost” is the first newly added feature. This translates the benefits of Night Sight to video while also employing AI to produce a “smoother view”. A similar tool to Magic Eraser called “Audio Eraser” will also be introduced by Google, but it won’t be for audio. In the video, there is an excellent demonstration of reducing background city noise from a video of a cello player.

Google hinted at the arrival of Magic Editor at I/O earlier this year. You can use this tool to move a subject or alter things like the sky. It resembles the generative AI fill that Photoshop recently added quite a bit.

Google’s AI prowess is on display with the Pixel 8

Perhaps much more astounding is the use of AI to modify people’s appearance in a single frame. So, you may alter someone’s appearance in addition to having them removed. It will be interesting to see how Google announces this at their Made by Google event on October 4, because it is crazy.

There are many new capabilities here that make use of artificial intelligence, which Google has long relied heavily on in its cameras. demonstrating how much Google is ahead of the competition in terms of AI.

Regarding the cameras on the Pixel 8 series, we continue to anticipate a 50-megapixel primary sensor on both. identical to the previous two years. While the Pixel 8 Pro will have 48-megapixel telephoto and ultrawide cameras with a 5x zoom, Particularly on the ultrawide, these improvements are quite nice. which, on the Pixel 7 Pro last year, only had a 12-megapixel sensor.

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