Latest Google Photos Memories feed launched along with app redesign

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More US users are now receiving the new Google Photos Memories stream. The Google app revamp that was released last month is entirely responsible for these new feed features. Once the redesign is introduced to them via an update, most users will need to comprehend the new layout and positioning of specific buttons.

Memories now has its own button on the bottom navigation bar, thanks to the revamp. However, given that there are currently four buttons on the bottom navigation bar, you might be asking how this is feasible. In fact, this redesign moves all four buttons in the same direction, in addition to moving one of the buttons that was previously on the bottom navigation bar.

What to expect from latest update

The Memories button was added to the bottom navigation bar as part of the redesign. The positioning of the four buttons on the bottom navigation tab has also changed. Before the change, the order was Photos, Search, Sharing, and Library; now it is Photos, Memories, Library, and Search.

The three other buttons all continue to perform their pre-existing functions. However, the new Memories button has new features that users will find to be quite amusing. This new button, which has the same name, quite stylishly transports users back in time.

The Memory interface’s look is extremely “Material You,” and it compiles user images from multiple timeframes. The function makes use of AI technology to arrange photos to generate memories. In addition to the chosen entries, users can also create their own memories and share them with their friends and family.

Users can also add titles to their memories with this new function, or they can let AI choose a title for them. The way the photographs are arranged in this memory deviates from the standard app layout. Users will adore this feature because it will enable them to capture special memories of themselves on the Photos app.

According to Google, this capability will become available in the upcoming months. While some users already have this functionality in their Google Photos app, others are still waiting. You can wait for this update via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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